I Am a Writer:
Writing is something I've enjoyed since I was in grade school. I used to go in the basement in the summers and write crazy stories and novels, often based on favorite television shows, like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Fan fiction. Really. This was my typewriter when I was young and I still have it. We spent so much time together that I cannot stand to get rid of it, even though it isn't used these days.
So I always wanted to publish a real book, but really didn't learn how to do it until many, many, many years later. I was beyond happy when I found out that my picture book, Shante' Keys and the New Years Peas, was going to be published.

I Am a Quilter:
In learning to write for publication, I discovered that writers and artists often have overlapping passions. Illustrators often write the text for their books, and writers--well, writers often would love to create art, but we often don't have the background to do so. As someone who can't draw a decent stick person, I'll never illustrate my own writing. But quilting is helping me to illustrate my world with sewn art.
So welcome to my website. Thank you for letting me share my book and my art with you.